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About Us

Proudly owned by Michael Veracka's MOD Enterprises, our dealership is part of the largest Harley-Davidson dealer group on the west coast; home to the #1 New Sales Volume Harley-Davidson Dealer in the world. We are one of the fastest-growing Harley-Davidson dealer groups in the USA and we can't wait to share our passion for riding and the Harley-Davidson community with you.

Company History:

During the late 1970s, Michael's father, Dave Veracka, transformed his love for motorcycles into a lifelong profession by establishing the family's inaugural motorcycle dealership in Brockton, Massachusetts. At just four years old, Michael began racing dirt bikes, fostering a deep connection to the world of motorcycles. Growing up working in the dealership, Michael cut his teeth in an immersive motorcycling environment. It became evident that his path was intertwined with the motorcycle industry.

After graduating business school, Michael applied his knowledge and existing understanding of the business at Central Maine Powersports in Lewiston, Maine.

In 2008, despite a challenging economic downturn, Michael joined the family business, partnering with the late Ed Lemco at Grand Rapids Harley-Davidson in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Michael put in sweat equity in the dealership under the mentorship of his father Dave, and through further immersion in the business, Michael grew into a successful leader with a knack for management. Riding on this huge success, the family acquired more dealers across the USA where he was able to come into his own and solidify his expertise in dealership operations.

Michael Veracka Owner MOD enterprises Outside One Of His Texas Stores

In 2019, the family chose to split the large dealer group in two, but continue to work toward success: One for Michael, one for his brother Paul, and a consulting agency headed by their father, Dave. Michael hit the ground running, dominating the West Coast.

Fast forward to today and Michael stands as the proud owner of the Largest Harley-Davidson Dealer Group on the West Coast, with the majority of his dealerships firmly holding top 25 spots in the Harley-Davidson dealer network of approximately 600 USA dealers.

Mike Fast Facts:

  • Diehard New England Patriots fan
  • Operates the Largest HD Dealer Group in the US of A
  • 25+ years dealership experience from the showroom to the conference room
  • Based out of Southern California and Arizona

MOD Enterprises

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